A potent brand is much more than just a logo, slogan or name. It goes beyond the visual aspects, and elicits emotions. Consumers are bombarded by over 3000 advertisements daily; the majority of which is forgotten. Our Squad crafts potent brands through innovative branding principles, which have been carefully calibrated to produce superb results.

We craft dangerously potent brands.

We've got you covered


Brand name

A unique and memorable brand name with unlimited revisions.

Domain name

Accompanying domain name.

Tagline development

A tagline that engages consumers driven in a concise manner.

Logo design

Professionally designed logo with unlimited revisions.

Social marketing

Social media account creation with trickle campaign.

Niche research

In depth marketplace research to supplement our keyword report.

SEO analysis

In depth SEO analysis outlining the most effective approach to engage an audience in your niche.

SEO campaign

Carefully formulated Search Engine Optimization marketing schedule.

Keyword report

A fine-combed list of keywords relevant to your target demographic and niche.

Landing page

One page website which informs future clients your site is in the midst of creation.

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